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Whether you want a pointing lab as a hunting companion, pet, or for field testing -- we take a lot of pride in providing you with the right dog.

Our dogs produce the qualities you want for your specific needs while offering the traditional good looks that you get in a labrador.

Our dogs are raised in a family environment so they are comfortable with children at an early age.  Each pup gets lots of one-on-one interaction and attention.  

We guarantee each and every dog purchased from East Point Kennels to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

Welcome to East Point Kennels!  East Point Kennels is a small, family-owned kennel located in Hull, Iowa.  We are surrounded by some of the best pheasant hunting in Iowa.


In trying to find a good bird dog, we found what we believe to be the best in a pointing lab.  When you get a lab that points naturally and retrieves with a desire like none other, you truly do have the best in a gun dog.