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We guarantee each and every dog purchased from East Point Kennels to be healthy, both physically and mentally. All dogs are guaranteed to be clear from all hereditary hip and eye defects for 30 months.


A Board of Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist (CERF Clinic) must conduct eye exams. Hip X-rays must be completed by a licensed veterinarian and submitted to Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for evaluation. A copy of any and all information pertaining to this matter must be sent to East Point Kennels as proof of the existing problem.


If one of the above problems does exist, East Point Kennels will replace said dog if another similar breeding is planned -- at no charge. If customer would like a replacement dog from a different breeding, the customer will be responsible for the difference in price from their current dog to the new breeding. All transportation fees are the responsibility of the owner of the dog.


If you can not part with the problem dog, we will work out an amicable arrangement that will allow you to keep the dog as long as the dog is neutered or spayed. Written proof of sterilization from the veterinarian must be submitted to East Point Kennels.


If the dog has been used to sire a litter or whelp a litter, the guarantee is null and void. The guarantee is also non-transferable and only valid to the original dog’s owner.